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Do you know who is shopping your store or shopping center?

We do.  Using a virtual lasso, commonly known as a geofence, JLL is tracking the holy grail of customer data: an accurate profile of customers entering a retail location.
PinPoint, powered by Alexander Babbage®, is a geofencing software tool that analyzes mobile data (both cellular and GPS) at select locations to track and measure data in real time. These metrics give you the upper hand on customer data you can’t easily get anywhere else.
With an annual subscription, you receive a summary of 12 months of historic data delivered in a written report and via access to the PinPoint software system, along with expert analysis by JLL and Alexander Babbage.

Your unique log-in provides you software access to the geofencing data with monthly updates. JLL will also provide training, a client manager for your account and marketing partners to ensure success. We’re with you every month to review data updates together.

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