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Do you know who is shopping your store or shopping center?

PinPoint, powered by Alexander Babbage®, can help you answer this question and many more.

Consumers shop very differently today than they did just three years ago. You can no longer rely on demographics found in radius and mileage rings to identify your shoppers. 

What is PinPoint?

PinPoint is a geofencing retail analytics software tool that analyzes mobile data (both cellular and GPS) at select locations to track and measure data in real time. These metrics give you the upper hand to better lease commercial real estate and market your retail center. PinPoint provides you with retail intelligence and analytics you can’t easily get anywhere else.

PinPoint can be used at JLL-managed and leased shopping centers including: traditional centers, open-air centers, ground-up developments, tourists locations, military installations and more.

How can PinPoint help?

PinPoint will help you know who is in the center, where else they shop and what other lifestyle choices are important to them. It’s no longer about demographics.  You must know the “consumeristics,” the behavior of your shopper. JLL is tracking the holy grail of customer data for commercial real estate: an accurate profile of customers entering a retail location.

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With an annual subscription, you receive a summary of 12 months of historic data delivered in a written report and via access to the PinPoint retail analytics software system, along with expert analysis by JLL and Alexander Babbage.

Your unique log-in provides you software access to the geofencing data with monthly updates. JLL will also provide training, a client manager for your account and marketing partners to ensure success. We’re with you every month to review data updates together.
Let JLL help you Pinpoint the right leasing and marketing strategy.

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Pinpoint FAQ

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual boundary around a real world area.  This virtual boundary, defined by GPS or RFID technology, enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

How is the fence set-up?

The virtual fence is set-up digitally.  Nothing is required at the center level.  JLL uses location longitude and latitude metrics to define the virtual fence which becomes the boundary for the data receivers that track GPS-enabled devices that enter the fence. 

What is the source of your data?

Powered by Alexander Babbage®, the data is gathered from several reliable sources including: 
  • Mobile: Celluar data comes from location signals sent to cellular towers from a shoppers’ actual phone, as the device tracks actual movements over time.  PinPoint uses data from Verizon and Sprint that provides 50% or more of the available mobile users.   
  • Geographic:  When we pinpoint where a shopper is, we then extract the data about “who” they are from U.S. Census data which is updated annually by a GIS (geographic information system) company.  PinPoint delivers typical demographic  information – household income, age, presence of children in home, college education, ethnicity, etc.  
The beauty of PinPoint, is that it layers over both cellular and GPS data to pinpoint actual locations of the shopper, and creates a reliable demographic profile based on their actual behavior called “consumeristics.”

Does Pinpoint know the actual shopper?

Data is collected anonymously – no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is collected.

How do you identify the shopper if you don't know them?

PinPoint sees the “actual house” or “where the phone sleeps” but does not release tracking data at the individual level due to privacy.  We aggregate and report at census block group which is the finest level of detail the U.S. Census reports. 

What will I actually receive from PinPoint?

You will receive a detailed written report which includes analysis of the most recent 12 months of data about your center and nine competing centers/locations. The data will be presented in a written report along with supporting maps and will include shopper origin, market penetration, demographic data of a shopper, a retailer affinity index and more.*  JLL and Alexander Babbage will conduct an online training session to discuss findings, answer questions and provide instructions on how to use the software. 

*With full subscription of PinPoint

Once I have this data, how will I use it?

The data can be used by the entire Property Management Team.  The data will help the leasing team identify the type of merchandising mix to best meet the needs of the people shopping your center.  Custom maps and reports can be created from PinPoint to tell the real story of your center to a prospective retailer.  Marketing campaigns can be created to target your best shopper and identify shoppers you want shopping more often.  Operations can use the data to understand the customer’s behavior and improve/add amenities that would be appealing to your customer.