Why men still want to shop in-store

JLL Staff Reporter
05 July | Global | In-store shopping

Research has long pointed to a major gap between how men and women make buying decisions, with today’s men less likely to opt for mobile or online shopping, and less likely to prioritize savings, according to First Insight.

Many men would rather go into a physical location, “where they can get a more hands-on experience with the merchandise in question,” whether it’s menswear or electronics, says Greg Briest, who specializes in retail leasing at JLL.

“It may be more old school, but going into a physical location can be simpler and more personal than scrolling through online options,” he says.

Until recently, the convention in most big apparel and department stores was to give as much square footage as possible to women’s sections. Men’s offerings were laid out in whatever space was leftover. But some studies have shown men outspending woman on apparel in certain locations—by a full 43 percent, in the UK, according to a study conducted by American Express and Nectar.

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