Europe’s shoppers buy into m-commerce

Natasha Stokes
10 April | EMEA | JLL Retail
In the U.K., Europe’s largest e-commerce market, over 60 percent of retail traffic comes from mobile devices, with the proportion expected to rise to 80 percent in the next couple years. M-commerce has been steadily increasing in Germany to make up nearly 39 percent of e-commerce sales, while France sees about a third of online sales through mobile devices.

“Millennials and younger consumers are becoming larger parts of the key spending demographic, and they tend to prefer mobile devices as a primary computing device,” says Colin Burnet, Director of EMEA Retail Research at JLL.

Evolving smartphone design is also helping as people who are familiar with shopping online on laptops switch to using their phones. “The increase in smartphone screen size has led to a boost in e-commerce recently,” notes Burnet.