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We are passionate about Retail, and we’re ready to share intelligence to help you achieve your ambitions. Market Intelligence, people Intelligence, and future Intelligence work together to form Retail Intelligence. The fuel for your Ambitions.
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Solving what keeps you up at night

Traditional retailers continue to evolve their businesses to be more online and mobile friendly, while online retailers are aggressively looking to create physical storefronts to complement their web brands.
JLL brings deep data and market knowledge to give you unprecedented decision-making confidence.
Smart, confident decision-making can be achieved through understanding retail trends.
Smart, confident decision-making can be achieved through understanding retail trends/effects.
Use our industry and market intelligence to improve the performance and increase the value of your retail property.
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Love is in the air (and at the mall)
Today people change their relationship status with a simple click, but in times past the mall is where you went to make known your significant other. This Valentine’s Day, JLL is bringing some of that nostalgia back with its “Let’s Share the Love” campaign at 25 of its managed centers.
Consumers can enter to win a $200 gift card to share something sweet with their Valentine. 

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Global connections
We understand the unique challenges retailers and investors face from every angle of the dynamic retail industry.

Our experts start by understanding your challenges from the center of the issues, then vet a proven path that will directly benefit you. Rely on the full extent of JLL’s differentiated processes, technologies and global advisors.

While there is rarely a single solution to every retail challenge, there is a singular company with unparalleled retail expertise and scalability to help your succeed.
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